Tab launches into Beta to help restaurants automate up to 85% of back-office work

November 1, 2022
Ty Wilson
Co-Founder & CEO
Sam Unterman
Co-Founder & CTO
Ty Wilson

Tab Commerce launches to automate up to 85% of the manual back-office work associated with running a great restaurant, beginning with invoice receival, management, and payment
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We’re excited to begin providing access to our Beta for an entirely new way for restaurants to modernize their back-office, beginning with a platform for supplier invoice receival, management, and payment.  

Tab aims to automate up to 85% of the manual back-office work associated with running a great restaurant and provide a whole new level of real-time data to enhance operations.

Tab automatically receives all supplier invoices as they come in and standardizes the data right into the restaurant’s online Tab dashboard. Anyone in the restaurant can also simply forward us an emailed invoice or text us photos of a paper invoice – we handle everything else. From here, restaurants can:

  • Send data right into an accounting software or add their bookkeeper as a user
  • Access real-time insights on price changes, expense trends, cash flow and much more
  • Save multiple credit cards on file and link a bank account for quick payment
  • Pay with 1-click using credit, debit, EFT, or e-Transfer instantly or scheduled, regardless of what payment methods the supplier accepts
  • Forge a direct connection to your suppliers that are also on Tab for completely seamless, connected commerce

The problem we're working to solve:
Restaurants today receive dozens of unique invoices each week from an array of suppliers that each have their own processes, terms, and payment workflows. Invoices come in paper form on top of the order and scattered emails sent to various staff members.

Managers and staff work to keep all these invoices organized and then spend an average of 3 hours each week per location manually inputting data into accounting and other ERP software. Invoice payments are disorganized, expensive, manual, and prone to errors.

The result is a significant amount of time wasted, operational headaches, bloated and opaque product costs, lost invoices, missed payments, and poor data driving suboptimal decision making. The costs are high.

Tab automatically receives all incoming supplier invoices and funnels the standardized data into a central online dashboard - from there, the restaurant is in full control.

Tab replaces 85% of this manual work with a fully streamlined, automated process that provides an entirely new level of control, transparency, and insight to the restaurant.

Tab can be adopted in seconds with no training or new process required.

To get access to the Beta, we invite restaurants to get in touch.