Tab Connect

The automated & intelligent restaurant back-office.
Simple and automated invoice receival + management with real-time data insights & payments.
Currently in Beta.
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Reduce manual admin work by up to 85%
Gain real-time visibility & control over expenses
Save 3 full desk days per month
Simplify invoice receival, management & payment

What is Tab Connect?

Tab Connect automatically receives, standardizes, and uploads all incoming invoices into a central online dashboard where restaurateurs can manage, access real-time data insights, and pay using any method.

Hours of manual admin work are removed each week and restaurateurs gain full control and visibility with clean, real-time data and powerful tools - all without requiring a new system or way of doing things.

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How does it work?

Tab Connect makes receiving, managing, and even paying all supplier invoices dead simple. Anyone in your restaurant from dishwasher to owner can funnel invoices into your Tab Dashboard in seconds.

Step 1: Upload
Tab automatically receives all incoming invoices, or email / text us the digital invoice or photo of a paper invoice
Step 2: Chill
Tab instantly funnels the invoice data right into your Tab Dashboard and starts providing real-time insights
Step 3: Push
Send invoices to your accounting and ERP software, and add your bookkeeper as a user  
Step 4: Pay
Pay invoices using any saved payment method with your suppliers that are on Tab

Putting restaurant admin work on autopilot

The Tab Team comes from the restaurant industry and has felt the pains of dealing with all the admin work that keeps great restaurants running.

Every supplier has their own process for ordering, invoicing, terms, payments, and more. Managing this takes resources away from what really matters.

We're fixing this.

  • No-touch, automated invoice upload
    Tab automatically receives all incoming invoices, so you don't need to do any extra work. You can also email us any invoice or just text us a photo of a paper invoice - we do the rest. Invoices get instantly digested, standardized, and uploaded to your dashboard.

  • Manage and organize all invoices
    Have full control over standardized invoice data. Gain full visibility over your past & upcoming expenses, real-time price changes, and much more.

  • Send invoices right into your accounting software
    Get rid of all manual input work so you can get back to focusing on more important things (everything). Easily send invoices right into your accounting software or add your bookkeeper as a user.

  • Schedule & pay invoices
    Optionally link your bank account and save multiple credit cards to pay suppliers with 1-click using cards, EFT, e-Transfer, and more. Unlock huge benefits if your supplier uses Tab for their invoicing/payments

Restaurant Magic

Eliminate hours of manual work each week. Get real-time, clean data, simplified workflows, actionable insights, and much more.